We have done it. We bought the farm (at least a farm). We have been renting and farming the family farm for the last 4 years but have never owned land of our own. The 40 acres we purchased from the Price Family sits right next to our house and borders the family farm on two sides. 

The whole process started years ago with us bugging Mr. Price to sell it to us. Apparently all our persistence paid off and he stopped by one day a few years ago saying that he had put us in his will as having the “first right of refusal”. This basically means that when it is sold we get to decide if we wanted it at the price they were selling. After Mr. Price passed away about a year and a half and Mrs. Price last summer we had to decide how bad we wanted it.

We had to decide if the cost of the land (which was a lot, more than a lot!) outweighed the repercussions if we didn’t. If we didn’t, we risked the land never coming up for sale in our lifetime again or someone might begin farming it with practices we wouldn’t be in favor of (did I mention our well that supplies drinking water for our house is about 20′ from the edge of this field). If we did buy it we can look forward to farming it for the next 30 years (life of the mortgage) with little to no profit. My wife and I will only be 69 and 68 respectively. At least our kids might see profit. 
So with the addition of this property, it brings our total acreage farmed to right around 365 acres. So, with the growth of this blog, it is now literally seen by tens of people, I’m considering naming this blog “An acre a day” as in, 365 days a year. At least I will get a day off once every 4 years on a leap year. 
Keep in mind, we’re still taking orders for quarter, half and whole beef as well as pasture chickens. Our local raw honey (yes, from our farm) is available now.

Happy Trails,
The Furbees