Pasture Lamb

When you are feeling a little more adventurous than beef or chicken or are just wanting to try something new, consider some of our natural lamb. Born on the farm, it is raised to the same high standards as our beef to ensure an excellent dining experience that you can feed your friends and family with confidence.
Whether you want to test you culinary skills with rack of lamb, throw some lamb chops on the grill or just experience a slightly new flavor in your chili, lamb is a great option.
Lamb is know to many of us around Ohio as an “ethnic food” that is not the case, it has so much more to offer. While there is a slight learning curve (that we are more then happy to help you with) on how to prepare it, it has as much potential as beef to fill every hole in your dinner menu.

Lamb is also a great choice for a smaller family that doesn’t eat enough to warrant buying a 1/4 beef or more. While many of the cuts are the same between beef and lamb (just given different cut names), lamb gives you a smaller serving per steak, chop or roast.

People grill chicken, beef, and pork every day, impress your guests at your next dinner party with something not served all the time. Give them something they will talk about for days! Feed them our natural lamb.

(Full disclosure: They will not invite you to their house for dinner, because they will want to come back to your place again.)

Lamb is available in limited quantities this year so pre-order now!

Food Raised Right – Lamb Information Sheet 5-17-19

Matt Furbee

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