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(At the Boyd/Myers bull sale)

Stop the weather rollercoaster! I want off!!!
The bees are flying, the apricot tree is blooming, the bulb flowers are starting to push through the ground (as well as the thistles) in the flower bed and now it’s 27° scheduled to go down to 13° on Tuesday, and snow. Over the last few weeks we’ve been preparing for warmer weather because we thought it was here. Boy, were we wrong. Only a week until the first official day of spring… Bring. It. On.

Our New Logo
We sent out our top picks for our new logo last weekend and received mixed reviews. I really thought picking one would be more simple. We figured we would see one and just know it was the one for us. So, we started bothering everyone we knew for their opinions and found out that most of you felt the same way. Below are our top two choices with an addition of a chicken on the two on the left (which several people recommended). Let us know your thoughts so we can stop worrying about it, and stop bugging you!

Our New Herd Bull Is Home… He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet. 

We bought a new Angus bull from Myers Angus Farm in Kentucky on Saturday. We keep daughters that are born here from the bull and don’t want to breed those back to him. So, every 4 years or so we replace him with a new one. 
We got the bull unloaded and penned up Saturday night when we got home and all seemed good until I walked out Sunday morning to find him standing in the aisle. He had torn out the gate and many of the fence boards. The power these animals have is sometimes scary, even to someone that works with them daily. He is now in a more secure pen… at least for the time being. 

(That’s the door he went though on top of him. When I found him he was using it to scratch his back.)

Open For Business
We have a limited supply of beef available now, in individual cuts, from a calf that was just harvested and we just renewed our retail food permit with the County Health Department so, unlike the guy that comes to your door selling beef from the back of his truck, you know we are legal. Call, text or email today for pricing and availability. 
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