Our farm is located in central Madison County, Ohio, next to Bradford Creek.  We are one half hour west of Columbus, 50 min. east of Dayton/Springfield and one and a half hours north East of Cincinnati.  The family farm is 365 acres that consists of corn, beans, wheat, rye, hay and pastures.

We have a small herd of Angus cows that give birth in the spring.  These calves that are born on the farm never leave until the day of their harvest.  We (with our sons) have recently started a sheep herd that we will be growing and supplying our customers with lamb.  We have been raising pasture raised chickens for the last few years and will be making those, in limited numbers, available to you this year.

We are dedicated to protecting the environment we all live in.  Through the use of rotational grazing and cropping we protect the soil while improving it.  Whenever we can we use cover crops (between cash crops) to catch nutrients that could otherwise run off the field and into a stream.

Natural Osage Angus Beef was an idea first thought of while my wife, Kristin, and I attended college and while many of our ideas and ideals have changed over the years our core beliefs have not.  We believe that animals should be raised without added hormones, for the animals benefit and the consumers. We believe that they should not receive antibiotics to keep them healthy, they should be raised in an environment that keeps them healthy.  We believe that animals should be fed an all vegetarian diet, cattle are herbivores (plant eating critters) and it is not right to force them to eat meat, bone meal, fish meal, or even chicken manure (yes, all of this has been done to cattle by man).

We are in the process of making (and have made) alot of changes on the farm.   One of the coming changes is our name – Natural Osage Angus Beef to Food Raised Right. Over the past couple years we have found the need and desire to diversify our offerings for our customers.  We’ve been raising our own chickens, lambs and honey for many years now, but just consuming them ourselves and frequently sharing with friends and family.  It’s all just as delicious as our natural beef, and we raise it the same way.  So the original name of Natural Osage Angus Beef just doesn’t fit our farm anymore, it’s not all that we do even though it’s a large part of it.   What we do is raise food the way it was meant to be raised, in an ethical way for our friends, our livestock and everyone’s environment.


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