Local Raw Honey

Our honey will AMAZE you. Before we discuss some of the great health benefits, just let me say it tastes awesome. 

The biggest advantage (other than the flavor) of local, raw honey comes from it’s ability to assist in your immune health. It is believed that when bees collect nectar to make honey from the same plants that grow near your home, they pass on aspects of it to their honey. Some people have said (and I agree – “not a doctor”) that those with allergies have lessened symptoms after consuming local, raw honey.

In a nutshell:  The enzymes found naturally in honey have Antibacterial and Antimicrobial and Antioxidants properties. All created by those tiny little buzzing creatures that many of us swat away!  Watch for a blog later this year for more bee fun facts and details about their phenomenal properties.

Honey is considered raw when not heated above 95°F (the max temp. the bees would allow in the hive).  It must also be minimally processed to retain the pollen and other organic materials that are integral to it’s healthful properties, so we strain it through only our 400 micron filter, and we never heat it.  

Please keep in mind that raw honey can crystallize over time but it will not lose any of it’s healthy attributes. If you don’t like to eat it in the crystallized state (though some do prefer it that way) simply set the jar in hot water and it will re-liquefy.  Don’t get it too hot or you will pasteurize it – 161ºF=pasteurized! (Please make sure the burner is turned off too…trust me!)

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1 lb Glass Jars $11

Bee Informed:  Did you know that bee stings have been medically shown to lessen the inflammation that is caused by arthritis?! (Note, this should only be done by a trained professional – and no we’ve never tried it…well, not intentionally!)