Available Dates for 2019 Freezer Beef & Whole Lambs

Food Raised Right – Available Dates for 2019 Freezer Beef

Appointment dates for 2019
Copey’s in Medway (between Dayton and Springfield) – Now taking orders, next available appointments are in late July 2019.  Book now before we sell out!

These are delivery dates for the live animals to the processor. You will be responsible for paying Food Raised Right for the beef or lamb within 1-2 weeks after that date. You will also need to pay for the processing when you pick up the frozen beef or lamb from the Processor. This will occur around 2 weeks after the appointment date.

After I know what the beef weighs I will send you a bill for that amount (lambs are a flat rate amount-you still get to choose the cuts). I will also include what is called a “cut sheet” with that bill.  This is the paper that the Processor fills out while talking with you on the phone about how you would like your beef or lamb cut.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me any day 8am to 9pm or Sundays 12pm to 9 pm.

Thanks, Matt                     (740) 506-3729