Are you ready for the best beef you’ve ever had? Our natural Angus beef will make you believe again that when it comes to the family dinner, beef is king again.

Our beef is raised from conception to finish on our small family farm. It all starts with with selecting the best cow and bulls (mammas and poppas). We have, for several generations saved our calves with the greatest attributes so that the next calf crop just keeps getting better each year.

How do we do this? We select the calves that are the fastest growing and moderate sized. The faster growth equates to a more tender, flavorful, dining experience because the younger the animal will result in a more tender and flavorful meal. The moderate size gives you a reasonably sized steak on your plate, just like Goldilocks, not to big and not to small.  (Don’t laugh, we have 4 kids, we’ve read a few fairy tales over the years..)

Our cattle graze on grass and hay and are also given a complete feed that is full of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that they require to grow and stay healthy without the need for antibiotics, EVER.

Our beef, when it becomes your beef, is then delivered to a USDA processor of your choice. There it is dry aged. Dry aging is the hanging of beef (after harvest of course) in a cooler room for up to three weeks. During that time the beef is naturally tenderized even further by the breaking down of the enzymes in the carcass. While some weight is lost during this process, most of it is just water that would come out as it is cooked. Don’t worry, this does not make the beef dry. In fact, it brings out the flavor, concentrating it to give you the utmost experience that most people have only experienced at upscale restaurants for upwards of $100 per plate.

After the beef has hung, it is cut to your specifications, wrapped or vacuum packed and frozen. Where it then waits for you to pick it up. Ready for your oven, cooktop and, ofcourse, your grill or smoker (our personal favorite).
Matt Furbee

Food Raised Right