Pastured Chicken

We raise our chickens in the best way possible… Large houses with thousands of birds raised in confinement, growing the birds as quickly as possible….NO!!! Never!!  Our chickens are the lucky ones. They see and feel the sun. They get to eat grass and peck at bugs (yes, chickens are omnivores). Our chickens, once they have enough feathers to head outside, get a brand new carpet of grass every day to explore.

While our chickens might not grow as fast as the factory farms birds, we believe that it will make a difference that you can see and taste. Remember, even chicken labeled as free range only needs “access to the outside” and most never go outside.  And, a chicken that is factory farmed and labeled as antibiotic free still receives drugs to keep in healthy, just not antibiotics. They couldn’t keep them alive in those houses without some kind of drug assistance.

To paraphrase a line from someone who has farmed chickens this way for many years, “our chickens have a really happy life and one bad day”.

We will be offering our chickens this year to our customers.  We generally put 100 in our own freezers every couple years but now we’ve gotten good enough at it that we have decided to “share the wealth!”  Once weather permits (gotta love Ohio winters!) our first batch of day old chicks will arrive and in 7-8 weeks be ready for you to pick up at our farm, FRESH!  So email today to place a deposit on your natural, pasture raised chickens – quantities will be limited!