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Welcome to the new Food Raise Right Flog. I will try to post a new blog at least every other Monday. This is very fluid right now, in that I don’t really know what I’m doing here, so let me know if that’s too often or (however unlikely) not often enough.  I am new to this blog thing so if any of you ever have any suggestions of what I could write about that might interest you just let me know. Also if you ever has anything of interest that you feel like sharing, let me know that too.

I will be mostly focusing on the activities around the farm. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook there will be a little redundancy but we will be getting a little more in-depth here on the website (www.FoodRaisedRight.com). If you don’t follow us, then you should. I will try to give at least one recipe with each post using some of our product and some seasonal ingredients when available. I can give a brief overview of any big news in agriculture that I think you might find of interest and of course I will give a shameless plug to our farm, Food Raised Right (formerly know as Natural Osage Angus Beef). The reason we changed the name was to better represent what the farm has and is becoming. I will also plug other farms that raise sustainable products to help us all eat more responsibly.

As this is the first blog I will give a little background on our farm and where we are headed. The farm is 325 acres located in Madison county, Ohio. We have raised many things here over the years but our focus up to now has been on our beef (that we raise from birth) that we sell in 1/4’s, 1/2’s and whole beef. Until 2 years ago we sold by the pound at local farmers markets and directly off the farm. We have been expanding our sheep herd and chicken flock to the volume that we will be able to include that in our products this year. Also, we have expanded our honey bee hives to the point we can now sell sustainable honey.
In the future we are looking to head back to local farmer markets, and increase what we sell there to include lamb and chicken. We also are tossing around the idea of selling 1/8 beefs directly off the farm for those that don’t have the freezer space, don’t have the need for that much or just want to save more space for lamb or chicken.
The trail ahead of us is not a certain one. There will be bumps and turns and the route we are planning now is likely to change. But with perseverance, faith, and your help we will all at least learn from the trail.
Happy Trails,

The Furbee’s
Food Raised Right
Matt Furbee
Natural Osage Angus Beef


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